Church Renewal Journey is a “pew-to-pew” ministry designed to assist you, the congregation, in experiencing a spiritual awakening. Church Renewal is a ministry of the laity to mobilize Christians off the pew and into the mission field. A mission field that may be found right where we are. A ministry that God has for them–something that will bring them joy that can only be found in Christ. Through testimonies, music, small groups prayer God reveals Himself to individuals and the church. No cost for churches.

Application Church Renewal

For more information contact:

Tom and Brenda Boberg: or 252-916-6195

 -Jerry and Dixie Thurman; or 903-818-5581

Tom and Brenda Boberg, National Coordinators


Tom and Brenda serve as Mission Service Corp Missionaries with the North American Mission Board. In their role as Evangelism Catalyst they serve as National Leaders with Church Renewal Journey. They are both dedicated to missions and are the mission leaders at their own church, Pinetops Baptist, Pinetops NC. They have led their church on several mission trips over the last several years in the NC, TN, WV and KY. Tom and Brenda have gone on various short-term missions to several countries, including Romania, Ukraine, Philippine, and Curacao. Romania has captured their hearts and they have had the opportunity to work with the Roma people the several years and plan to return as soon as possible. Brenda was recently elected to serve on the NC Baptist on Mission Board.

Jerry and Dixie Thurman – National CoordinatorsDSC03855.JPG

Jerry and Dixie are excited about church revitalization and how God has, is and will continue to use Church Renewal Journey (CRJ) to accomplish His mission. Awakening and Equipping the church to be all that God wants it to be, through Prayer and Ministry, which is the Heart and Soul of CRJ. We have been associated with CRJ, or formerly Lay Renewal, since the 1980’s, serving on the Illinois state Renewal team. Currently, along with serving as National Coordinators for the Western Region of the U.S.A, we serve as the Texas State Coordinators.

Jerry has served on several youth mission trips within the United States. Dixie has served in Mexico and Latvia on mission trips with our Pottsboro, Texas church. She also went to Mexico with the Illinois Baptist Kaskaskia Association, where she served as Associational Youth Co-Director, while on staff as the Youth Minister at Westgate Baptist Church in Trenton, Illinois. We are committed to serving God through CRJ as coordinators or team members wherever He opens the doors.