What is the problem in our churches?


Blog  Findley Edge in his book The Greening of the Church said, “The problem in our churches is not empty pews, but empty people sitting in the pews.”. Sunday after Sunday we often sit with people who have no relationship with Jesus. They go to church because that’s what their family always did/does or to see friends or… Many have religion but Jesus is not in the relationship. Too bad people do not have meters that told us they were empty, lonely or desperate for an authentic relationship with Christ. The world needs for Christians to stop doing un-Christlike things and start living with a sense of urgency and boldness in telling others about Jesus.. We need Christians that are more interested in glorifying Christ than pursuing the pleasures of life. Nothing wrong with a good job, great sports, education, etc unless it takes us away from God and His bride – the church. Peace and comfort can be found in Jesus.

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